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“Socrates: In less than no time you shall hear; for I cannot say that I did not attend--I paid great attention to them, a

Greek Tragedy

Agememnon is the first part of the Aeschylus's Orestian trilogy in which the leader of the Greek army returns from the Tr

Tam Lin i krolowa Elfow: Prastare podania, legendy i opowiesci z Wysp Brytyjskich
Andrzej Juliusz Sarwa

Tam Lin i Krolowa Elfow - Ksiazka zarowno dla doroslych, jak i dla dzieci. Zawiera opracowane literacko przepiekne stare

The Republic of Plato: Volume 1, Books I-V
Plato Plato

The Republic of Plato touches on so many problems of human life and thought, and appeals to so many diverse types of mind

The Metaphysics

Aristotle's probing inquiry into some of the fundamental problems of philosophy, The Metaphysics is one of the classical

On the Shortness of Life

Timeless advice on the art of living well, from the celebrated Penguin Great Ideas seriesThe writings of the ancient Roma

Marcus Aurelius

Throughout history, some books have changed the world. They have transformed the way we see ourselves - and each other. T

The Nicomachean Ethics

One of the most important philosophical works of all time, in a new Penguin Classics translation by Adam Beresford'Right

Early Socratic Dialogues (Penguin Classics)
Emlyn-Jones Chris

Rich in drama and humour, they include the controversial Ion, a debate on poetic inspiration; Laches, in which Socrates s

Sur l’eau
Guy de Maupassant

Sur l’eau

Time a training kit for girls: Time Management Your Happiest You The Care & Keeping of Your Mind and Spirit

Time a training kit for girls Time Management Your Happiest You The Care & Keeping of Your Mind and Spirit


animée d’une force immense qui la pousse à une expansion sans limite ; comme la vapeur impatiente que soulève une ardente

Les Terres d’Or
Gustave Aimard

Les Terres d’Or

BY RIGHT OF CONQUEST OR WITH CORTEZ IN MEXICO : BY G.A. HENTY: Classic Edition Annotated Illustrations

The conquest of Mexico, an extensive empire with a numerous and warlike population, by a mere handful of Spaniards, is on

Un Historien de la Révolution française - M. Taine
Ferdinand Brunetière

Découvrez nos nouveauté sur Twitter EXTRAIT: On ne saurait, sans imprudence, vouloir d

The Library (Loeb Classical Library, #121, Books I-III): 001

The Library provides in three books a grand summary of traditional Greek mythology and heroic legends. Written in clear a

De l'Infinito, Universo e Mondi
Giordano Bruno

De l'Infinito, Universo e Mondi

Le Mato Virgem, scènes et souvenirs d’un voyage au Brésil
Adolphe d’Assier

EXTRAIT: Une des parties les plus riches et les moins connues de l’Amérique du Sud est cet immense triangle dont la base,

Adult Coloring Book: Clean Coloring Book For Adults/s Custom Made Pictures For Markers/Color Pencils.
Tiedle Works Inc.

Coloring Book For Adults/s  Custom Sketches For Intermedit Artists  8.5"x11" Coloring Book 25 Custom Drawn Pictures; All