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Resistance: Book Four of the DiaZem Series
Dacia M Arnold

English physics student, Samuel Harrington, was picked on his whole life for being “Fat Sam”. But when his DiaZem gene aw

Devils' Line, 6
Ryo Hanada

A sensational new horror/supernatural series from a debut writer who has taken Japan by storm. Unbeknownst to the general

L'Assassin royal, Tome 9 : Les secrets de Castelcerf (Science Fiction)
Robin Hobb

FitzChevalerie, l'assassin royal, vient tout juste d'arracher l'héritier ou trône des Six-Duchés, le prince Devoir, des g

The Lady Of The Lake: Edited With Notes By William J. Rolfe
Walter Scott

This book is a result of an effort made by us towards making a contribution to the preservation and repair of original cl

J. D Beresford

Reproduction of the original: Goslings by J.D Beresford

Isaac Asimov's I Robot: To Obey
Mickey Zucker Reichert

It is 2036 and robotic technology has evolved into the realm of self-aware sentient mechanical entities. Just as humans b

The Cone Illustrated
H G Wells

"The Cone" is a short story by H. G. Wells, first published in 1895 in Unicorn. It was intended to be "the opening chapte

Take Back Plenty (S.F. MASTERWORKS)
Colin Greenland

A fast-moving space adventure featuring mysterious aliens, a journey to a de-populated planet, a mad run from space cops,

D&D: Waterdeep: Das Verließ des wahnsinnigen Magiers
Bill Benham

In der Stadt Waterdeep gibt es ein Gasthaus, das Klaffende Portal, benannt nach dem weit offenen Loch in seinem Schankrau

Le Dit D Aka (Ldp Science Fic)
U Le Guin

Sutty, l'Indienne, est envoyée par la confédération galactique sur une planète récemment contactée, Aka. Aka connaît un é

Farewell City
Lucía B Silva

Farewell City es lo poco que ha quedado de América. En ruinas, se mantiene viva gracias a la increíble colaboración de lo

El hombre invisible
H. G. Wells

Escrita en 1897, poco despus de "La mquina del tiempo" (publicada tambin en esta coleccin), "El hombre invisible" -cuyo p

Cleansed (The True Tree Chronicles)
G S Scott

The world is in the grasp of the God of Chaos, his only mantra: Do as Thou Wilt. In the slums of Tuilar, Dirge is an appr

Ghosts of Time (Jason Thanou)
Steve White

Book #4 of the Jason Thanou Time Travel series and sequel to Pirates of the Timestream. Special operations officer Jason

La busqueda del pajaro del tiempo 6 El libro magico de los dioses / The Quest for the Time-Bird 6 The Magic Book of the Gods
Le Tendre


New Spring: A Wheel of Time Prequel
Robert Jordan

The prequel novel to the globally bestselling Wheel of Time series - a fantasy phenomenon The city of Canluum lies clos

The Haunter of the Dark and Other Tales (H. P. Lovecraft Omnibus, Band 3): Haunter of the Dark and Other Tales No. 3
H. P. Lovecraft

'Warning! You are about to enter a new dimension of utmost terror. When you open this book you will lost - lost in a worl

Lord Oda's Revenge: Blood Ninja II
Nick Lake

Taro was just a fisherman's son... but then his father was murdered and he was forced to become a Blood Ninja, fated to l

Chronicles of Amber: "Nine Princes in Amber", "The Guns of Avalon", "Sign of the Unicorn", "The Hand of Oberon", "The Courts of Chaos" (FANTASY MASTERWORKS)
Roger Zelazny

Amber is the one real world, casting infinite reflections of itself - Shadow worlds, that can be manipulated by those of