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Seven Months in Rural Chad
John Brooke

This book relates the experiences of a doctor, who, after nearly half a century of medical practice in Europe became a vo

Arab Intellectuals and American Power: Edward Said, Charles Malik, and the US in the Middle East
M.D. Walhout

Edward Said, the famous Palestinian American scholar and activist, was one of the twentieth century's most iconic public

Aces: True Stories of Victory and Valor in the Skies of World War II
Bill Yenne

Aces is a celebration of the bold fighter pilots who earned the accolade and joined the ranks of flying aces during World

That Time of Year: A Minnesota Life
Garrison Keillor

With the warmth and humor we've come to know, the creator and host of A Prairie Home Companion shares his own remarkable

Los Habsburgo: Soberanos del mundo (Historia)
Martyn Rady

LA PRIMERA HISTORIA GLOBAL DE LA DINASTÍA QUE DOMINÓ EL MUNDO De orígenes modestos, los Habsburgo ganaron el control del

Aeon Ginsberg

Poetry. LGBTQIA Studies. A memoir-in-verse about the links between movement and how it influences gender identity, percep

My A-Z of Cricket: A personal celebration of our glorious game
Henry Blofeld

Legendary cricket broadcaster Henry Blofeld takes the reader on a journey from A-Z through the world of cricket. In his t

Out of Thin Air: Running Wisdom and Magic from Above the Clouds in Ethiopia
Michael Crawley

'Full of wonderful insights and lessons from a world where the ability to run is viewed as something almost mysterious an

Nazi Wives: The Women at the Top of Hitler's Germany
James Wyllie

Nazi Wives is a fascinating look at the personal lives, psychological profiles, and marriages of the wives of officers in

A Man Without It
Demoris Hickman

This story is about a mother and her son. He is faced with many challenges that took him on an unforeseen journey. It dep

I Marched with Patton: A Firsthand Account of World War II Alongside One of the U.S. Army's Greatest Generals
Frank Sisson

A gripping firsthand account of World War II written by a soldier with the American Third Army who served under the legen

Knock! Knock! Knock! on Wood: My Life in Soul
Tony Fletcher

Known for the classics &;Knock on Wood,&; &;634-5789,&; &;Raise Your Hand,&; &;Big Bird,&; and &;I&;ve Never Found a Girl

Sadie's Silence
Libby Layne

My spiritual journey from the cradle of the very conservative Church of the Brethren to the altars of the liberal and pro

Before the Sun Sets: Tell Someone...
Dr Ron Dobbs

This is not a book of empty theory or dry philosophy. It is a book of real-life, actual, honestly reported experiences wh

Das große Home-Office-Kochbuch: Gut essen trotz Arbeitsstress: 77 einfache Rezepte für jeden Geschmack
Naumann & Göbel

Mahlzeit! • 77 leckere Home-Office-taugliche Rezepte für jeden Tag: Suppen und Eintöpfe, Sandwiches, Snacks, Sattmacher-S

The Company: The Rise and Fall of the Hudson's Bay Empire
Stephen Bown

A thrilling new telling of the story of modern Canada's origins.The story of the Hudson's Bay Company, dramatic and adven

One in a Billion: One Man's Remarkable Odyssey Through Modern-Day China
Nancy Pine

This heart-wrenching story immerses readers in the dramatic survival of one outspoken man, An Wei, who illuminates the so

Papaya Salad
Elisa Macellari

The debut graphic novel from Thai-Italian illustrator Elisa Macellari, Papaya Salad tells the story of her great-uncle So

De La Celda De Una Prisión a Millonario
Franz Szawronski

Cualquiera que empiece a leer este libro pensará que es una biografía, pero este libro es mucho más que eso. Es la conjug