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Launch an ICO & Token Crowdsale: The Complete Guide to Prepare your Startup for Launching Successful Initial Coin Offering, raising Venture & Cryptocurrency Capital
Vincent Hale

Looking for the investment? Planning to organize an ICO? Want to learn how to Launch an Initial Coin Offering? Thinking o

Mastering WooCommerce 4: Build complete e-commerce websites with WordPress and WooCommerce from scratch
Patrick Rauland

Understand all aspects of building a successful online store which is search-engine-optimized, using theme management and

SEC Regulation S-X: Financial Statements of Public Companies
Securities and Exchange Commission

This PRINT REPLICA is the SEC Regulation S-X and is current to JULY 5, 2018. Regulation S-X is a prescribed regulation in

Overview of U.S. Financial Regulations
PL Publishing

This is a comprehensive overview of financial regulations in the United States. The book chapters include an overview of

U.S. Supreme Court brief in SEC vs. Samuel H. Sloan, 436 US 103 (1978)
Samuel H. Sloan

U.S. Supreme Court brief in SEC vs. Samuel H. Sloan, 436 US 103 (1978) This, plus the oral argument presented to the Unit

Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb: GeschGehG, PAngV, UKlaG, DL-InfoV: 13a
Helmut Köhler

Zum WerkDer Köhler/Bornkamm/Feddersen gilt als unverzichtbares Standardwerk. Er kommentiert das UWG, die Preisangabenvero