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PUCK U: A Hockey Fanatics 60 Year Saga Goes Viral

Herbert Hyde

I enjoyed the book and thought that Herb captured the essence of RPI Hockey. The tradition and strong spirit over the years have captured not only the RPI friends and fans but College Hockey generally!I have been associated with College athletics for over three decades and never encountered a more dedicated fan base, as your book describes! It is an excellent depiction of RPI Hockey inside and externally. Congratulations!- Dr. Lee Mcelroy, athletic director at Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteAs a diehard RPI hockey fan, Herb has genuinely captured the storied history and fanfare associated with of one of the accomplished institutions of the ECAC Hockey League. And by the way, name-calling never phased or influencedme as a referee. Cheers, Herb! -Alex C. Dell, Esq. and former ECAC on-ice officialI think Herb›s book is delightful and a wonderful distraction from what is going on these days. It›s funny his experiences came from being an RPI fan. Still, anyone who loves college hockey could find themselves reading about themselves and their own hometown experiences. I would think anyone who has a passion for hockey would enjoy this book and do many LOLS!- Sherri Becker, President of College Hockey FanaticsWow! Mission accomplished. You recapped some terrific hockey memories and shared the wonderful stories of people connected to the game through RPI hockey. I really enjoyed it and believe many others will as well.- Dave Smith, Coach of the RPI men’s hockey team.Herb Hyde is a retired former autoworker, union activist, avid college hockey fan and local history buff . He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Regents College, now Excelsior College. A resident of Cohoes, NY, he has served on the board of directors of the Friends of RPI Hockey and the Green Island Federal Credit Union. Additionally, he served as the Chairman of theCohoes Citizens Party and ran for Mayor of Cohoes in 1983. He currently serves as a member of the Cohoes Historical Architectural Review Board.


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Herbert Hyde


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