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Hilary of Poitiers' Preface to His "Opus Historicum" (Vigiliae Christianae Supplements)
S. J. Smulders

What precisely does Hilary's so-called Opus Historicum aim at? His Preface provides the clue. An introduction to the pres

J. l. Vives: Early Writings I: De Initiis Sectis et Laudibus Philosophiae, Veritas Fucata, Anima Senis, Pompeius Fugiens: Introduction, Critical ... and Notes (Selected Works of Juan Luis Vives)
Juan Luis Vives

This volume presents four early works by Vives: De initiis sectis et laudibus philisophiae (On the Origins, Schools and M

Virgil, Aeneid 8 (Mnemosyne, Supplements)
Lee M. Fratantuono

Virgil, Aeneid 8 provides the first full-scale commentary on one of the most important and popular books of the great epi

The 'psychomachia' Codex from St. Lawrence (Bruxellensis 10066-77) and the Schools of Liege in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries (Bibliologia)
Robert G Babcock

This monograph focuses on Brussels, Royal Library, MS 10066-77, a tenth-century volume comprised of illustrated copies of

Synopsis Purioris Theologiae / Synopsis of a Purer Theology: 1 (Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions / Texts and S)
R.T. te Velde

The Synopsis Purioris Theologiae (1625) gives an exhaustive yet concise presentation of Reformed theology as it was conce