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A B C of Hatchery Management

Dr. M. T. Banday

The book gives a practical procedures needed for sucessful incubation of chicken eggs from the arrival and quality control of hatching eggs including sucessful incubation of chicken eggs till the placement of dayold chicks in the farm.It is a unique book because it not only gives theoritical information about incubation of eggs on large-scale basis but also provides practical approach in the form of trouble shooting charts on the basis of gross observation of discarded eggs and its diagnosis.It would be helpful as a practical guideline for field diagnosis of faults in in hatchability not only at the flock level but also during incubation. There is a section which deals with important diseases relavent to hatchery borne infections. The book is written with commercial industry in mind because of the difficulties faced by breeders, farmers, managers and technicians of hatcheries in realizing the genetic potential of present day breeding stock.The book contains a vivid description about the establishment and working of a modern hatchery. Use this book as a reference book, but donot forget the nature.


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Yazar A B C of Hatchery Management

Dr. M. T. Banday


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