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A,B,C , Says OlaRose

Olachi Joy Mezu Ndubuisi

About the Book A,B,C , Says OlaRose is one of the books in the Says OlaRose Collection of the Millie Ola Children’s Book Series. A,B,C, says OlaRose brings the animals to live as it takes you into a picturesque zoo of animals from A to Z. Children will both enjoy and learn through the journey into the world of animals. Other titles in the series are: 1,2,3.. says OlaRose and Born Early, Says OlaRose: The Story of OlaRose & Obiola. Book sales will go to the ObiOlaRose Twin Angels Foundation to help support parents of pre and sick infants and neonatal services in underserved areas.


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Olachi Joy Mezu Ndubuisi


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