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Legends from Vamland

Vladimir Colin

Legends from Vamland is a beautiful story about the human struggle with fear. In telling his tale, the author blends together Romanian legends and myths with those of cultures from around the world. One can hardly find any noble and beautiful human aspiration from all the civilizations of the world whose reflection is not to be found in Legends from Vamland. The work is intended as one of fantasy and science fiction, as the author provides the image of the spiritual life of an imaginary people from an imaginary land. The result is a book of splendid originality.One of the first Romanian writers of science fiction, Vladimir Colin (1921-1991) was also an important representative of Jewish culture in Romania. Among his most important works of science fiction are Legends from Vamland, a work resemblant of J.R.R. Tolkein&;s The Hobbit. These tales have been abridged and retold for English readers by Luiza Carol, and the fascinating story they tell is brought to life by original illustrations from renowned Romanian artist Octavian Ion Penda.Luiza Carol is associate editor of the international poetry magazine Voices Israel. She is a writer, poet, and translator and a member of the Federation of Israeli Writers and the Academy of American Poets. She has published 11 books and received 9 literary prizes.


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Vladimir Colin


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