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The 7 P’s: Breaking Through to Unshakable Joy

Dr. Letticia Noelle Callies

Do you need a game plan for living out your purpose in life? Ready to unleash your joy? Dr. Letticia Callies (Dr. Joy), a doctor of ministry in Christian counseling psychology, uses a simple yet powerful approach for transforming your life. Dr. Letticia walks with you through a concise yet impactful journey using her 7P’s: prayer, perspective, pitcher, purpose, passion, productivity, and perseverance. The 7P’s are supported using a combination of practical, evidence-based strategies, positive lifestyle tips, and Biblical principles for all who are striving for a joy and purpose-filled life. Dr. Letticia's interactive approach to transformation includes education and motivation, simple life tips to empower you, questions for deeper reflection, and room for journaling. The 7P’s have helped many people overcome obstacles by laying the foundation for adopting healthy, balanced, Christ-centered habits into their daily lives. It’s the playbook for helping you to choose joy amid the trials in life. In 2016 Dr. Letticia Callies was led on a joy journey, finding practical ways to bring purpose back into her life. As a mother of six, wife, small business owner, student, sister in Christ, and the many other hats she wore daily, she was determined to bring purpose and joy back into her life! Navigating through her own struggles and observing the decline in overall health in the world, she set out on a mission to spread joy to people all over the world. Learn how she ushered simple, life-giving changes into her daily living using practical strategies to keep herself focused on the joy that comes only from living a life with purpose in Christ. Her joy-filled approach to life has motivated people to rise up and fully embrace who God has called them to be. Dr. Callies' professional work is rooted in four fundamental principles: spiritual growth in Christ, resilience, productivity, and overall wellness. The 7P's are a useful resource for small groups, classes, Bible studies, wellness coaches, employees, business teams, and more.


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Dr. Letticia Noelle Callies


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