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Among Malay Pirates

G. A. Henty

Book Excerpt: on this being translated to him, scowled angrily. "Tell him it is of no use his scowling at me, Soh Hay. I * not doctoring him for my own amusement, but for his good, and because he is the father of that little child." The chief, when this was translated to him, lay without speaking for two or three minutes, and then said quietly, "Tell the doctor I * sorry; he is right, and I have been foolish. I will stay till he says I may go." CHAPTER II. Four or five days later the chief was allowed to get up and to walk quietly up and down the deck, and a week afterwards the doctor said, "You can go now, chief, if you desire it; but you must be content to keep quiet for another couple of months, and not make any great exertions or move quickly. How long will it take you to go up the river to your home" "Six days' easy paddling." "Well, that is in your favor; but do not travel fast. Take it quietly, and be as long as you can on the voyage--lying in a canoe is as go Read More


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G. A. Henty


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