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An Algonquin Maiden

A. Ethelwyn Wetherald G. Mercer Adam

Book Excerpt: tually played upon it, like gleams of sunshine on a stream, which, when disappearing, show the depth of the tide beneath. "You would scarcely know the young lady now," continued Tredway. "The difference between fifteen and eighteen is the difference between childhood and womanhood." "I suppose she has grown like a young forest tree, and holds her graceful head almost as high." "She is well grown, and very beautiful, but not bewitching like your sister Rose." "Ah! dear little Rose! But she, too, I doubt not, is a bud no longer. It's odd how much easier it is for a girl to be a woman than for a boy to become a man." There was something vaguely suggestive of regret in the gesture with which young Macleod lightly brushed his short upper lip, whose hirsute adornment was not, in its owner's estimation, all that it ought to have been. "I was twenty-one last winter. Do I look very young" he inquired, with the natural anxiety of a man who has recently escaped the ignominy of being in his t Read More


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A. Ethelwyn Wetherald G. Mercer Adam


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